Women's Brooks Glycerin 20 GTS

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The Brooks Glycerin GTS (Go-To Support) is a stability version of the popular Brooks Glycerin series. It is designed to provide additional support and stability for runners who overpronate or require a more supportive shoe.

Key features of the Brooks Glycerin GTS include:

  1. Supportive Midsole: The Glycerin GTS incorporates a stability feature in the midsole to help control overpronation. Overpronation is when the foot rolls excessively inward during the running gait. The stability feature, such as a medial post or denser foam, is designed to limit excessive inward movement and provide a more balanced and efficient stride.

  2. Cushioning and Comfort: Similar to the regular Glycerin series, the Glycerin GTS models are known for their plush cushioning and comfort. They often feature generous amounts of cushioning in the midsole to absorb impact and provide a comfortable running experience.

  3. Smooth Transition: The Glycerin GTS aims to offer a smooth transition from heel to toe. The shoes typically feature technologies like a segmented crash pad or midsole design that helps guide the foot through a natural gait cycle, promoting a smooth and efficient stride.

  4. Breathable Upper: The upper of the Glycerin GTS models is often made from breathable materials to enhance airflow and keep the feet cool and dry during runs. The upper design aims to provide a comfortable and supportive fit while maintaining good ventilation.

It's important to note that specific features and technologies may vary across different versions or updates of the Glycerin GTS models. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Brooks Glycerin GTS line, including any available models and their features, I recommend visiting the official Brooks website or consulting with a local running specialty store that carries Brooks products.

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