Men's Patagonia P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee

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The Men's Patagonia P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee is a t-shirt offered by Patagonia, a renowned outdoor clothing and gear company known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee is a part of their "Responsibili-Tee" line, which focuses on using recycled materials in the production process.

Here are some key features and details about the Men's Patagonia P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee:

  1. Material: The shirt is made from a blend of 50% recycled cotton and 50% post-consumer recycled polyester. This blend combines the softness and comfort of cotton with the durability and moisture-wicking properties of polyester.

  2. Design: The P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee features a classic crew neck design with short sleeves. It has a regular fit that provides a comfortable and relaxed silhouette.

  3. Logo: The iconic Patagonia logo, featuring the mountain range silhouette and the brand name, is prominently displayed on the front of the shirt. The logo is usually printed using environmentally friendly, PVC- and phthalate-free inks.

  4. Sustainability: The P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee exemplifies Patagonia's commitment to sustainability. The use of recycled materials helps reduce the demand for new resources and decreases the environmental impact associated with traditional cotton production.

  5. Fair Trade Certified™ Sewing: Patagonia is dedicated to fair labor practices, and many of their products, including the P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee, are Fair Trade Certified™. This certification ensures that workers involved in the manufacturing process are treated fairly and paid a fair wage.

  6. Versatility: The P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee is a versatile piece of clothing suitable for everyday wear, outdoor activities, or casual outings. It pairs well with jeans, shorts, or other casual bottoms.

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