Women's Altra Torin 6

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The Altra Torin 6 is a popular running shoe that is designed to provide comfort, support, and flexibility for runners. Here are some key features and details about this shoe:

  • Comfort: The Torin 6 has an Altra EGO midsole that provides a soft and responsive cushioning system to absorb shock and provide energy return. It also has a Footshape Toe Box that allows your toes to spread out naturally for maximum comfort.

  • Design: The Torin 6 has a modern and stylish design with a breathable upper that provides ventilation and keeps your feet cool during your run. It also has a sturdy outsole made with durable rubber that provides excellent traction and flexibility.

  • Support: The Torin 6 has a Balanced Cushioning platform that places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground, which promotes proper alignment and reduces impact on your joints. It also has a wide base that provides stability and support.

  • Weight: The Torin 6 is a lightweight shoe that weighs approximately 8.5 ounces for women and 9.9 ounces for men, making it an ideal shoe for running and training.

  • Versatility: The Torin 6 is designed for both running and casual wear, making it a versatile shoe that can be worn for different activities and occasions.

Overall, the Altra Torin 6 is a well-designed and comfortable running shoe that provides cushioning, support, and flexibility for runners. Its unique design features such as the Footshape Toe Box and Balanced Cushioning platform make it a great choice for runners who value comfort and proper alignment during their runs.

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